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    CALADO Silent Mouse - Wireless USB, rubber-red

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Press Reviews


2017-06-22 - SL-250500-BK_TRAILBLAZER_PWRUP



SL-250500-BK TRAILBLAZER Racing Wheel for Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC, Black
SL-450500-BK TRAILBLAZER Racing Wheel for PS4/Xbox One/PS3/PC, Black

ULTOR Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


2016-07-02 - Play-Gen, GOLD Award


SL-670008-BKRD ULTOR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, black

PARTHICA Core Gaming Keyboard

2014-12-04 - Play-Gen, GOLD Award

Wir finden, dass Speedlink mit dieser Tastatur alles richtig gemacht hat! Sie bietet alles, was ein Gamerherz verlangt, das zu einem unschlagbaren Preis und guter Verarbeitung.

SL-6482-BK PARTHICA Core Gaming Keyboard, black

PHANTOM HAWK Flightstick, black

2014-09-22 - Techfire, 2014-09-22, Score: 4/5 Stars

"Surprisingly, the phantom hawk is already available for 30 euros. Based on the quality and functionality the Phantom Hawk is much higher classified. This is exactly the right joystick for gamers who not only play joystick-games and therefore are looking for a cheaper model."

SL-6638-BK PHANTOM HAWK Flightstick, black