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    QUAD Charger - for Nintendo Switch Joycon, black

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ATMOS Illuminated Keyboard, silver


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m using Linux and the keyboard illumination feature doesn’t work – how do I switch it on?
Do the following to activate keyboard illumination:

1. Open the command console (typically using the key combination ‘Alt’ + ‘F2’).
2. Enter ‘xset led 3’ (without the quotation marks) to activate the illumination feature.

This method works with many Linux distributions such as Mint, Debian and Ubuntu; other distributions may require you to enter different commands.
How do I change the keyboard layout?
Unfortunately it’s not possible to change the key layout on the keyboard itself, but you can set the keyboard layout to another language in Windows® under the Control Panel settings. You can toggle rapidly between multiple keyboard layouts by pressing Alt + Shift.
Where do I find the drivers for this keyboard?
This keyboard uses Windows’ own standard drivers; however, these drivers may not be installed, if you use a notebook. In this case, install the drivers from the Windows CD/DVD.
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