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VIGO USB sound card, black



  • Filesize: 1,36 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-8850-SBK-V3
  • Filesize: 2,61 MB
  • Description: Quick Install Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

The USB sound card is not being detected. When I connect it, the following notification appears: ‘Device driver software not installed successfully, contact vendor for details’.
First, check your mainboard’s system drivers for updates. If needed, update your chipset and controller drivers. Outdated IDE/SATA and PCI-E drivers in particular can lead to sound-card driver malfunctions. Following that, have Windows search for the latest USB sound drivers.
Which specifications do the sockets of the USB sound cardSL-8850 have?
The green socket is intended for the connection of headphones and stereo, the red socket is intended for connection of a microphone and mono.
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