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PICUS Stereo PC Backheadset, black



  • Filesize: 1,12 MB
  • Description: Kurzanleitung für SL-8748

Frequently Asked Questions

The headset microphone is very quiet – how can I increase the recording level?
To do this, enable ‘Microphone Boost’ or ‘Microphone Boost Control’. In the majority of Windows® systems, you’ll find this function in the Control Panel under the ‘Sound’ option – ‘Recording’; in some cases it may even be located in a submenu. That said, this function might not be available on some systems depending on your sound card.
Why doesn’t the microphone/the headset’s microphone work on my Mac?
The microphone/the headset’s microphone only works when connected to a microphone input socket, not to a Line-In socket as most Macs supply.
Why do I find drivers for my headset, microphone or speaker system?
Speaker systems, microphones and headsets that connect using a jack plug do not require a driver. Only the PC’s soundcard requires a driver, which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.
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