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    RUGG Flexible Silicone Keyboard, blue

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AERO Flexible USB Fan, multicolor

Product No.: SL-7403-MTCL

Enjoy the feeling of a refreshing breeze wafting over you – and not just in high summer! Thanks to its practical USB connector, this compact fan will cool you down wherever you are – whether you’re on your home PC or on the move with your notebook. Just plug it in to any USB port (min. 500mA) and you’ll get to enjoy not one, but two things: a refreshing breeze plus a fantastic kaleidoscopic light show! The five LEDs on the fan blades continually change colour thereby creating ever-new and captivating patterns that’ll bring joy and colour to your surroundings while you use your computer.


  • USB fan
  • 5 colourful LEDs with alternating colour patterns
  • quiet, energy-efficient electric motor
  • soft fan blades
  • flexible neck holds the fan securely in position
  • refreshing breeze
  • for PCs, notebooks and other devices with a USB port (5V, 500mA)

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