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    PLECA USB C to USB A Hub, silver

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PSX2 to PC Gamepad Converter


Drivers and other Software
  • Version : 03.08.2007
  • Filesize: 1,52 MB
  • Language: en
  • Operating system: Win Vista (32-Bit)
  • Description: Driver for Vista 32bit System
  • Version : N/A
  • Filesize: 4,09 MB
  • Language: en
  • Operating system: Win 98 / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP (32-Bit)
  • Description: Driver for Win 98/ME/2000/XP.

Frequently Asked Questions

My USB device is not detected under Windows®XP or does not function properly.
Please install Microsoft´s USB patch KB822603, this should solve the problems with USB devices.
My Drivers from my new Product, Gamepad, Wheel ,Joystick, Headset, USB Soundcard or Webcam will not be installed.
Please exit your Virus scan Programm, install then the Driver. After installing the Driver activate your Virus scanner.
When I connect my USB controller to my PC, it is detected as an "Unknown device".
Possibly you use an AMD processor with VIA Chip and run Windows® 98 SE. USB devices won′t be detected properly in this case. By following this link you may download a Microsoft update to solve this problem:
( When you use a hub, please connect your device directly to your PC (without using the hub).
Another reason may be the usage of a USB hub. Please connect the equipment (Joystick, gamepad, gaming wheel) directly to the pc.
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