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    STIX Joy-Con Cap Set - for Nintendo Switch, multicolour

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STRIKE FX Wireless Gamepad - Illuminated - for PS3, red


Drivers and other Software
  • Version : V2.0
  • Filesize: 3,62 MB
  • Language:
  • Operating system:
  • Description: PC driver for STRIKE FX SL-4443-IRD V2.0


  • Filesize: 3,61 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-4443-IRD V1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

My gamepad, racing wheel or joystick doesn’t work.
Please check if the input device is working correctly in the game controller menu in Windows®. To do so, open the Control Panel and navigate to ‘Game Controllers’ (Windows® XP/Vista) or ‘Devices and Printers’ (other Windows® versions). The device you need to test should be listed here. Right-click the device and select ‘Game Controller Settings’. You can access the particular input device’s properties by double-clicking the device name in the list of installed game controllers. Test the device by pressing its buttons or moving it – these actions should be displayed in parallel in the test area.
Does the gamepad now also support SIXAXIS® motion control on the PS3® like the Sony® gamepad?
No. This gamepad was designed for optimal game control using analog sticks which is why it doesn’t support SIXAXIS® motion control. If necessary, please deactivate this function in the game’s options menu.
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