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    SIGNIUM Keyboard - USB, high-contrast, black

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lautsprecher und micro test unter vista.pdf
  • Filesize: 2,99 MB
  • Description: Speaker and microphone test instructions under Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit.
  • Filesize: 0,97 MB
  • Filesize: 0,05 MB
  • Description: Changing the Batteries.
mikrofon und lautsprechertest unter 98_me_2000.pdf
  • Filesize: 0,91 MB
  • Description: Microphone and speaker test under Win 98/ME/2000.
mikrofon und lautsprechertest unter xp.pdf
  • Filesize: 2,00 MB
  • Description: microphone and speaker test under Win XP.
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