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Wir denken

Jede und jeder kann zu einer besseren Welt beitragen!

Wir bei Speedlink sind ständig auf der Suche nach Lösungen, die nachhaltiges, umweltbewusstes sowie ressourcenschonendes Handeln fördern. Um Plastikmüll einzusparen, setzen wir daher bei unseren Retailverpackungen auf Pappe.

Zusätzlich verzichten wir beim Versand weitestgehend auf Plastik und verwenden wann immer möglich Papierumhüllungen zur Polsterung und bei Bedarf kompostierbares Füllmaterial.

We also continuously improve the longevity of our products and continuously optimize our quality processes. If one of our products does have a fault, our expert support team in Germany can be contacted at any time. In addition, we offer spare parts for many of our items, which we will gladly send out if required.

As a long-standing cooperation partner of the WWF, we have already been able to contribute to the promotion of environmental projects around the world - and will continue to do so in the future.

Together for environmental protection: Our TERRA mouse pads

TERRA WWF Mousepad Erdmännchen
TERRA WWF Mousepad, Känguru
Support only

We have been cooperating with the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) since 2009 to support the conservation organization in its projects for the protection of endangered species. For this purpose, we offer the particularly environmentally friendly TERRA mouse pad series in our product range, where 50 cents of the purchase price go directly to the environmental protection organization. Thus, each TERRA pad with its animal motif not only shows the beauty of nature, but also helps to preserve it.

Our mouse pads of the TERRA series are developed and manufactured under ecological aspects. It is important for us to focus on durability, optimal ergonomics and excellent surface properties. Both the pads and the packaging are made of recycled material, which is free of harmful substances such as PVC and thus particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving. The smooth surface shows off the various motifs to their best advantage and is extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Those who choose a mouse pad from the TERRA series can choose from three different animal motifs: A meerkat group, a koala, and a kangaroo - each depicted in their natural habitat. With the TERRA WWF Soft Gaming Mouse Pad, we are one of the first companies to offer a sustainable mouse pad made from recycled materials for gaming fans.