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    CORDAO Cord Sleeve, 7 inch, brown

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CUBID Portable Speaker

2014-06-03 -, 1014-04-28

SL-8904-RD CUBID Portable Speaker - Bluetooth, red

DECUS Gaming Mouse

2014-04-24 - PC Games Hardware, 2014-02-01, Rating: 1,90, saving tip

"Thanks to its rubberized indents for thumb, ring finger and index finger the Decus fits very good in the hand and also provides a roughened surface on parts of the the rear side and the main keys. It offers optimum ergonomics to players who mainly prefer the palm grip."
"At such a price the Decus by Speedlink is recommended in any case in terms of performance and equipment."

SL-6397-BK DECUS Gaming Mouse, black

LEDOS Gaming Mouse

2014-01-23 -, 2014-01-23, 5 points of 5

"It is gratifying to see that obviously one manages to produce an overall good and favourable mouse that does not make a bad impression by any means."
"In this price range, concerning the equipment and good finish, you will hardly find any other useful products."

SL-6393-RD LEDOS Gaming Mouse, red

DECUS Gaming Mouse

2014-01-22 -, 2014-01-22, 4.5 points of 5

‘For the price of less than 40 euros you get a very solid, well-equipped gaming mouse. Speedlink has proven that, with the DECUS gaming mouse, you do not always have to spend twice the price or more to enjoy a great gaming experience. I think the handling is great – when you place your hand on the mouse and the fingers onto the finger indents, it feels almost as if you´re slippin into comfortable slippers.‘

SL-6397-BK DECUS Gaming Mouse, black