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    14,1′′/35,8cm SEPYA Notebook Messenger Bag, brown

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PECOS Power Bank - XL - 7400mAh

2014-08-26 - Games Mag, 2014-05-13, 87 percent, Games Mag Award

"The Pecos Power Bank XL is the socket on the go. No matter where you are, it supplies the required current. It does not matter whether smartphone, MP3 player or tablet PC. Once charged, the additional battery provides sufficient power and high efficiency."

SL-6983-BK PECOS Power Bank - XL - 7400mAh, black

GRAVITY X-XE 2.1 Subwoofer System

2014-07-03 - Meine WiiU, 2014-07-03, Rating: 100% / Very good

The "GRAVITY X-XE 2.1 Subwoofer System" is ideal for people who want to have a solid and good speaker system. SPEEDLINK succeeded in creating a very good and high quality processing and the piano finish makes it looks very precious for the owner. The sound quality of the sound system is excellent in this price category. What´s more, the desktop remote with its two AUX ports offers a great way to connect a smartphone or MP3 player to it and listen to one´s favorite music. [...]
From my side the "GRAVITY X-XE 2.1 Subwoofer System" from SPEEDLINK gets a strong buy recommendation and is unbeatable in price-performance ratio.

SL-8271-BK-01 GRAVITY X-XE 2.1 Subwoofer System, black

TONOS Premium Stereo Speaker - Bluetooth

2014-07-01 - C‘t Magazin, 2014-01-07

"A positive surprise is the sound: balanced and very intense in basses the sound of the Tonos does not need to shy away in comparison to much more expensive units."

SL-8906-WE TONOS Premium Stereo Speaker - Bluetooth, white

TONOS Premium Stereo Speaker - Bluetooth

2014-07-01 - iPhone Life, 2014-01-07, Rating: 1,2

"Held in well-processed black-and-white plastic, he provides an output of 5 watts and a battery life of 16 hours – enough power to supply even prolonged garden parties with music."

SL-8906-WE TONOS Premium Stereo Speaker - Bluetooth, white