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KALLIOPE VX USB Stereo Headset


Frequently Asked Questions

The headset microphone is very quiet – how can I increase the recording level?
To do this, enable ‘Microphone Boost’ or ‘Microphone Boost Control’. In the majority of Windows® systems, you’ll find this function in the Control Panel under the ‘Sound’ option – ‘Recording’; in some cases it may even be located in a submenu. That said, this function might not be available on some systems depending on your sound card.
My headset doesn’t work when connected to a USB 3.0 port. What could be causing the problem?
This problem is usually due to poor sound-chip support provided by older USB 3.0 drivers. Update your USB 3.0 port drivers.
Why is the sound-output supplied by the TV-Set, though the headset has been connected?
The PS3® only permits game sounds to be played through the TV or hi-fi system. Headsets can only be used on this console for voice chat.
Is this headset compatible with the PS3®?
Yes, but please note that USB headsets can only be used for voice chat on the PS3®. Game sounds will continue to be played through the TV or hi-fi system.
Why do I find drivers for my headset or speaker system?
Speaker systems and headsets that connect using a jack plug do not require a driver, even when used on a PC/notebook. Only the PC’s soundcard requires a driver, which can be found on the manufacturer’s website.
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