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    EUFONIA 2.1 Subwoofer System, black

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SWAY Multitouch Trackpad - Flexcable, black

Product No.: SL-6331-BK

Enjoy the convenience of ergonomic and intuitive PC control. The trackpad lets you control your mouse pointer in comfort, plus its multitouch surface means you can scroll documents, browse photos or navigate the web using simple finger gestures. At the same time, the huge touch-input area offers you more than enough space to input complex commands with maximum precision.


  • Multitouch trackpad for the PC
  • USB connector for easy installation
  • ergonomic mouse control using the trackpad and mouse buttons
  • multitouch functions
  • 10 different finger-gesture controls for zooming, scrolling and navigating
  • huge touch-input area measuring 10.2×7.4cm
  • flexible, retractable USB cable adjusts to any length up to 70cm
  • ultra-flat, stylish design
  • rubber feet for stability
  • includes Magix® software package

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