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    SILK Mousepad, Monkeys

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COMPETITION PRO USB & Summer/Winter-Games, black-red



  • Filesize: 0,53 MB
  • Description: Game menu explanation for Summer Games & Winter Games (english)
  • Filesize: 3,89 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-6603-SPORTS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some games include intros and demos from cracker groups? Is this game collection really legal?
Here is a declaration from Magnussoft®: “We guarantee that we have acquired the licenses for all the games included in the BEST OF AMIGA CLASSIX® collection. For technical reasons, it is not always possible to create emulator-compatible versions from original diskettes. Moreover, many programmers are no longer in possession of their master disks, which is why versions using ‘crack’ intros sometimes need to be used, unfortunately. Sometimes even the official website of the legendary Amiga company Cinemaware ( only has versions with such intros. We ask for your understanding in this matter. In no way does this spoil the fun of playing the game.”
enclosed games
Anstoss; Arkanoid; Course of Ra; Defender of the Crown; Eliminator; Fussball Total; Goal; Grand Monster Slam; Hanse; Hard 'n' Heavy; Hollywood Pictures; Hybris; It came from the Desert; Logical; Lords of the Rising Sun; Lure of the Temptress; Mighty Bombjack; Mission Elevator; M.U.D.S.; Nebulus; Paperboy; Patrizier; Pinball Dreams; Pinball Fantasies; Rings of Medusa; Slam Tilt; Space Harrier; Stadt der Löwen; Super Skidmarks; TV Sports Basketball, TV Sports Football; Vroom; Winzer
I’m having problems with the supplied games.
For joystick technical support, please get in touch with the SPEEDLINK Support Team. For problems with the included games, please email magnussoft® support at Please note, magnussoft® support cannot give you any information on other products; moreover, they cannot give you walkthroughs and any cheats related to the supplied games.
How can I use this joystick/gamepad with games that only support mice or keyboards as input devices?
You can only do this using special software. The relevant programs are available as freeware and easy to find on the internet.
The joystick is correctly detected by Windows, but why doesn’t it work with the accompanying games?
Please note that to use the joystick with the accompanying games, you have to configure the joystick settings in the emulator. You’ll find all the details in the manual.
My game controller does not show any reaction.
Most games are set to use the keyboard as default input device. Open Options of your game and choose "game controller" as input device. Please refer to the game′s manual for further information.
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