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    PLECA USB C to USB A Hub, silver

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APTICO Trackball - Wireless, black

Product No.: SL-630001-BK

The APTICO Wireless Trackball unites comfort with functionality unlike practically any other input device. Compared to standard mice, no additional space is required to move the cursor around, so you can make maximum use of every precious centimetre of desk space. And it offers all this with the same amount of functions plus maximum precision – even when you don't have a mouse pad. Another huge plus-point is that your hand stays in a relaxed position, so the APTICO Trackball prevents wrist pain and strain. Thanks to this input device you'll enjoy incredible comfort plus maintain a healthy posture.


  • Wireless 5-button trackball
  • Comfortable thumb control
  • Space-saving shape
  • Ergonomic design
  • Nano USB receiver with 2.4 GHz wireless technology with up to 8m range
  • Laser sensor (up to 1,600 dpi)
  • Dpi switch for toggling between four sensor settings
  • LED displays current dpi setting
  • Automatic tracking-speed adjustment
  • Quick and easy installation – no additional drivers needed
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable trackball
  • Rubberised 4D scroll wheel
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • On/off switch
  • Battery included (1 x AA, 1.5V)
  • Dimensions: 100 × 133 × 45mm (W × L × H)

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